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Academic Programme

Andrew W. Mellon Chair of Aesthetic Theory and Material Performance

The Andrew W Mellon Chair Aesthetic Theory and Material Performance holds together several interdisciplinary modes of enquiry.

NRF SARChI Chair in Visual History and Theory

Visual History & Theory is a research platform at the University of the Western Cape that promotes a critical engagement with the image in relation to other forms of knowledge production, creativity and contest in Africa and elsewhere.

Research Platforms

Areas of Focus Aesthetic EducationMigrating ViolenceBecoming Technical of the HumanRethinking Political Theory: Citizenship and JusticeVisual History and TheoryCommunicating the HumanitiesAesthetic Education Under the direction of […]


The CHR’s programmes are driven by academic research and scholarly exchange. This is evident in the CHR’s publication record, which contains monographs, edited collections, journal articles and more

National Research Foundation SARChI Chair

Arts Initiatives